Dear English-speaking customers,

Welcome at a website www.vsharp.cz. This website focuses on presenting and selling high quality sharpeners produced in the Republic of South Africa by a small family company Warthog. (You can watch a presentation video in the section O firmě Warthog.)

We have been on the Czech and European market since 2011 and the big advantage is that we offer a wide range of Warthog products for the lowest prices in Europe and all products are in stock.

We have already sold sharpeners to Germany, the United States, Poland and Slovakia.

If you are interested in any items, please contact us on the e-mail info@vsharp.cz and we will deal with your requirements individually. We will send you the price quote for the goods you have chosen together with the shipping.

Shipping to European countries varies from 250,- to 500,- CZK (9-18 EUR) depending on the country and the weight of your shipment. You can either write your requirement in the e-mail (info@vsharp.cz) or you can fill in an ORDER FORM (section „OBJEDNÁVKA“ in our Czech website which can be found in the horizontal menu above the header just next to „ENGLISH“) and we will contact you.

Translation of items in our order form:
Zákaznické údaje: Customer´s details:
Jméno a příjmení / název firmy: Name and surname / name of company
Ulice a č.p.: Street and number
Město: City (state, please, also the country)
PSČ: Post code
Dodací adresa (pokud je jiná než fakturační): Delivery address (if it is different from the address mentioned above)
Výběr zboží: Choice of goods

As in most cases it is not possible to send by Cash on delivery system, that is why after you agree with the price and all conditions, the price is pre-paid to our bank account (the account´s currency is Czech Crown – CZK). When we receive the ammount, your goods are shipped immediately to your address, which usually takes 3 – 5 days depending on the country.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write and we will try to comply with your requests.

Vsharp.cz, Diamond Knife Sharpeners

Magdalena Kallusová
Leoše Janáčka 1071
68601 Uherské Hradiště
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 728 239 866

e-mail: info@vsharp.cz
e-mail: objednavky@vsharp.cz



Profesionální ostřiče nožů

Jediné ruční ostřiče nožů, které zachovávají dva nejdůležitější předpoklady správného broušení: stálý úhel a konstantní tlak.


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